are an innovative
and over the board creative
brand agency based in Bangalore,
India.Lighthouse is the personification of a
passionate work-force and an adeptly equipped
production house; a one stop harbour for all your media needs.We guide and propel brands through rough weather & help them soar through tough tides.At Lighthouse,we employ our virtue of vision to envision evolutionary traverses and actualize limitless horizons for our clients. Our domains of integrated services include: Branding, Film, Music and Public Relations.

(Innovation for Eye and Design for I)
Did not quite get us there, did you? Well
it’s not just about what you put into Branding
but where and how you put it across to communi
cate with clarity and conviction to your target audience!

"Eye for Design and I for Innovation"

That’s our Branding
Mantra.Brand Strategies
we emanate are inventive ideations
and exemplary executions weaved in
for your win. We have etched victorious
Brand Stories and Rejuvenations through
our Logos, Brochures & Posters, Product & Lifes-
tyle Photoshoots, Online/ Corporate Videos & TV Commercials and Digital Media Marketing campaigns.

“Gli FARò un'offerta che non può rifiutare!”

We live and breath
the technicalities and wizardry of Cinema.
We love the dictionary of Film more than Oxford and
Merriam-Webster. We are a bunch of absolutely REEListic peeps!

“I will make him an offer he cannot refuse!” (The Godfather)

And YES, we translate
your stories to top-notch Films through our Scripting,
Production Design, Equipment Rental, Line Production,
Studio Rental, Post-Production, Animation & VFX services!

“Music gives a soul to the universe,
wings to the mind, flight to the
imagination and life to everything.”
The essence of Music as expressed by
Plato. Now,you wouldn’t expect us to write
on Music would you ;) ! Taking inspiration from his
words of wisdom, we do what we do best; we eliminate distortions, engineer sound waves, and bestow mesmerizing music through our Music Production, Recording, Dubbing, Mixing & Mastering, Studio Rental & Music Branding.

Shhh... Everything you Do or Say
is Public Relations!
You wouldn’t want
to experience a holocaust nor would you
want to see yourself as a brand outcast.Fear
Err’s,hiccups and errors no more, partner with us
for your Corporate Communications,Internal Communica-
tions,Event Management,Product Launches,PR Strategy,Media Relations & Publicity
and Experience our Brand Halo Cast!!


Love and Light,Team Lighthouse.